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Wood Horizontal

Wood horizontal blinds are made of fine hardwood and add richness and warmth to the room. There are many choices of paint or stains to provide the perfect finish for our 2” slats, all in the latest palette of colors. The strength, sleekness and versatility of the wood horizontal blinds make them the perfect addition for both traditional and contemporary decor. 

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  •          Affordable.
  •          Treated against ultraviolet rays.
  •          Lighter than PVC blinds.
  •          Can be mounted inside or outside of the window frame.
  •          The rotation of the slats allows you to choose the desired light intensity.
  •          Privacy Feature –has notched slats to block out more light, offering better privacy. Optional.
  •          A Child Safety Feature - Break-away cord tassels to protect your family.


Care & maintenance

Like any piece of fine furniture, wood blinds must be dusted regularly. Use an ordinary clean cloth, feather duster or slightly damp cloth for this purpose. Most vacuum cleaners come with a round, soft brush attachment, which can be periodically run over the slats. It is best to clean the slats in the closed positions. Do not wash your blinds! The wood may absorb water and as a result, may warp.


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