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Solar Shades

These stylish yet classic shades protect against glare and UV rays while maintaining the vista outside your window. Ideal for saving energy during the hot summer days. Solar shades available in a multitude of fabrics, they can turn a room into a bold statement or perfectly complement traditional decor. 

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Often people ask us a solar shade “Sheerweave / Texscreen” allowing to see the outside without people from the outside being able to see inside their residence. Solar shades allow this, but only during the day.

Indeed, the vision is possible only in the environment where the light is dominant, it is this that allows to have a clear vision towards the outside during the day. Conversely, in the evening, once your indoor lights lit, the dominant light is inside the house. This makes people from the outside able to see inside. However, the vision is not as sharp as you will have during the day.


The level of vision is related to the level of perforation of the shade. With a shade of 1% (the smallest perforation), people from the outside will only perceive shadows inside the house, at the expense of your outdoor vision during the day. With a bigger perforated shade, people will have a clear view of your interior during the evening, but thereby, you will have a better outward vision during the day.


Why you’ll love your new solar shades?

  •          Select from our wide range of transparency % (14%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 1%)
  •          Choose the fabric style, the weight and opacity of your solar shades according to how you would like to regulate the light.
  •          Filter the light to create a perfect atmosphere.
  •          Reduces the discoloration of furniture.
  •          Reduces glare on the screens.
  •          Filters UV rays which reduces the temperature of the room.
  •          Low environmental impact – Solar shades help create a healthier environment thanks to a wide choice of fabrics that are part of our Green program.
  •          Perfect for commercial application.


Care & maintenance
Maintenance of these models is very simple. Just dust them with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner set to low power.

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